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New: Original SQRD Pizza, on West Broadway

Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., this literal hole-in-the-wall pizzeria is a great place to get a solid slice on the go.

New: Reddy SoHo Flagship on Prince St

Quality dog clothing, apparel, and food in SoHo at non-SoHo prices, from the biggest name in pet retailing.

Thursday Dispatch

New CEO for Hudson Square BID, new restaurant opens on Renwick St, Leticia James supports stronger tenants rights.

R.I.P. Lahore Deli on Crosby

Lahore Deli was a 24 hour place where you could buy a meal that was fast, cheap, and good—one of downtown's oldest hidden culinary gems.

Wednesday Dispatch: 15 Laight St, Blackout Black Friday

Plus: only 1 in 6 workers will be in office full-time by January, DOT removes DJT Adopt A Highway sign.

Yesterday’s City Council SoHo/NoHo Upzoning Meeting

Excerpts from testimonies by community members, including Jean Standish, Stephen Wanta, and Margaret Baisley.

Op-Ed: This Zoning Plan is Not For Residents

25 year resident & small business owner Michele Varian on why she doesn't support this proposed rezoning.

Op-Ed: Rezoning Is The Right Thing To Do

Denny Salas on why removing barriers in housing gives kids working-class families the chance to achieve the American Dream.

Report: November 2021 CB2 SLA Licensing

New Indonesian restaurant on Spring from Ochi Vongerichten + a familiar face at the new Casa di Angelo, in the old Angelo's of Mulberry space.

Tonight’s CB2 Meeting: SoHo BID Plan

A brief primer on the controversial BID plan that will be presented at tonight's joint CB2 meeting.