November 2021 CB2 SLA Licensing

Bar at Le Coucou
Bar at Le Coucou, by Lou Stejskal
Dos Caminos SoHo
Dos Caminos SoHo, by jmm

Here’s a look at Manhattan Community Board 2‘s SLA licensing schedule for tomorrow night, Nov 3rd. We’ve only posted the ones in our area this month, of which there aren’t very many—most applications are for the West Village. (Our comments in parenthesis and italics after each item.)

SLA Licensing 1
Wednesday, Nov 3 (6:30, Zoom)

1a. Applications to the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) for Corporate Change to existing Restaurant Wine (RW), Tavern Wine (TW) or Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) Licenses:

  • 475 Soho, LLC d/b/a Dos Caminos SOHO, 475-477 W. Broadway 10012 (OP-Restaurant) (Sidewalk Café)

1e. Apps. to the SLA for New License for New Beer and Wine license (RW/TW):

  • Saito, LLC d/b/a Saito, 70-72 Kenmare St., Store 5 & 6, 10012 (RW-Restaurant) (Full-service Japanese restaurant, in a location that has recently previously housed two other Japanese restaurants since 2013. Hoping the Hitoshi Fujita named as an owner in the application is the same chef behind Midtown’s well-reviewed but now-closed Butterfish!)

1f. Apps. to the SLA for New License for Full Liquor On-Premise (OP) (Sidewalk Café)

  • Mari Makan Next Door, LLC fka Fadilla Latjuba Vongerichten (Entity to be Formed) d/b/a TBD, 22 Spring St. 10012 (OP-Restaurant) (Previously Unlicensed) (This is Cedric Vongerichten‘s Indonesian-born chef wife Ochi, and next door to his first solo restaurant Wayan; “mari makan” means “let’s eat” in Malay. Fingers crossed this gets approved!)
  • Metz Zutto Ramen II, Inc. d/b/a Zutto Japanese American Bar, 384 Broome St. 10013 (OP-Restaurant) (Expansion of a restaurant that’s been in Tribeca for four decades even though it’s rather mediocre. This location was formerly Sal’s Little Italy, which closed this winter after over thirty years.)
  • B E F Restaurante, Inc. d/b/a Casa di Angelo, 146 Mulberry St., So. Store 10013 (OP-Restaurant) (This is the former location of Angelo’s of Mulberry St—opened in 1902, they were most recently owned by the family of a Real Housewife of New Jersey, suffered from a major fire in 2018, were successfully sued for non-payment of rent in January 2020, and finally shut down sometime this March. This new incarnation looks to be trading on the old Angelo’s name but with no old faces involved; one of the named partners, Iyad Hamsho, is involved with two other restaurants on Mulberry St, and is currently being sued along with one of them (Zia Maria) for a fair standards labor violation.)


  • Soho Thai, 141 Grand St. (OP)
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill #1597, 71 Spring St. (OP)


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