Le Coucou Reopening + Restaurants Opening, Moving, & Closing

Bar at Le Coucou
Bar at Le Coucou, by Lou Stejskal
Bar at Le Coucou
Bar at Le Coucou, by Lou Stejskal

Closed since last Spring, we were well past beginning to fear Le Coucou on Lafayette St would never open its doors again, but the Stephen Starr & Daniel Rose restaurant, which has been packed to the gills since its debut and has a Michelin star, will finally be reopening for dinner this Sunday, November 7. No lunch for now, a la carte plus an overhauled dessert menu courtesy of Mark Henning, and a new four course tasting menu under $200. Haven’t seen any outdoor shed construction out there yet, so looks like it will be indoor dining only for now—make your reservations now while you can and bring proof of vaccination!

Open soon-ish: We were hoping against hope Torrisi Deli and Restaurant would open last month as promised, but it’s the very rare NYC food establishment that actually opens on time so we’re not surprised it’s still in the works. That Puck Building corner space is pretty nice—even if Jared Kushner is the landlord.

Moves: The soba specialists at Cocoron, one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in the city, have picked up and left their block on Kenmare after many years—they’ve crossed the Bowery and are now a five minute walk away at 16 Delancey. Ed’s Lobster Bar has moved down two blocks to a corner space on Lafayette and Grand, which has doubled their outdoor seating, while Granyette Wine & Spirits has moved around the corner and up to a smaller space on Lafayette between Broome and Grand.

Closing: The much-loved Coco Pazzo is gone from its long time space at Spring and Thompson, but it’s only kind of gone gone—its merged with its sister restaurant Coco Pazzeria a few blocks west at 307 Spring, and the resulting merger is now called Coco Pazzo Tratorria. Not all the menu items have made the transition, so we think it’s more of a closing than a move, but SoHo regulars should be fine to schlep the extra few blocks since the new space is pretty nice. The West Broadway branch of the Brooklyn-based coffee chain Brooklyn Diamond looks like it’s been emptied out, after having been closed for a while; it was a very bare bones space with good coffee.

Dying: If you’ve been in there recently, it’s no secret that the food court at the Canal Street Market is almost always empty and has been for quite a while: the only food stalls that seem to ever be open are the excellent but relatively pricey Joe’s Steam Rice Roll and the patbingsu and bubble tea purveyors Lazy Sundaes. If you like either or would like to try them out, now is the time to go, cause we don’t know much more time they’re gonna have there.


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