Wednesday Dispatch: Adams, Bragg, Marte!

Eric Adams

Eric Adams

As everyone predicted after he won the Democratic Primary, Eric Adams is the next mayor of NYC. (Frankly, we’re more excited Alvin Bragg‘s our next Manhattan District Attorney.)

Anyway, this tweet is wild and also accurate and we have many feelings about it this morning:

Another thing we have feelings about: “anything is better than de Blasio, who is still our Mayor for two more months. Is that enough time for him to screw anything else up on his way out, or is he just going to concentrate on what will indubitably be a doomed run for governor? Does he actually think he can win or is he doing it for the LOL factor?

Congrats to Christopher Marte, our newly-elected City Council District 1 representative. We’re excited to see what new blood does on the council—but are also already curious if Margaret Chin will run against him in the next election after sitting this one out due to term limits.

Some good news: Governor’s Island isn’t just a summer weekends destination any more—starting this week, it’s now open seven days a week, and the ferry is still completely free for many people, including anyone with a IDNYC.

And some bad news: Con-Ed is predicting NYC heating bills will increase 24% this winter due to a global natural gas shortage, with the average consumer paying $66 more each month.

For those of you who own but are thinking of selling in this market, brokers sound off on what to do in six different scenarios. Biggest tip: if it’s turn-key, list it now; if it needs work, you might want to wait because current buyers don’t seem to want to renovate.

Last but not least: if you’re flushing wet wipes down the toilet, please please please reconsider lest they start to form islands here like they’re doing over in the UK. We already have Staten Island!


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