Wednesday Dispatch: 15 Laight St, Blackout Black Friday

Photo by Hannah Krueger on Unsplash

Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou says it’s time to end New York’s abusive “poor tax”:

Right-wing media outlets pumping up a bogus “crime surge” narrative have actively scared lawmakers away from addressing issues like nuisance fees. But trapping low-income people in an endless cycle of debt and incarceration will never reduce crime or make our communities safer and may well have the opposite effect.

If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on at the former home of the Tribeca Film Festival at Varick and Sixth Ave, Commercial Observer has a look at the brand new 15 Laight St: eight stories of glass, 100,000 square feet of potential office space, with bike storage complete with lockers and showers as well as a planned gym in the basement.

Wondering if it’s a good time to have a new office building though since according to a study by the Partnership For New York City, only 1 in 6 Manhattan office workers will be back in the office full-time by January. Also:

Half of the city’s largest employers now expect some of their workforce to spend a majority of their time working remotely. About one in three expect to reduce their NYC office space and roughly one in six said they would cut their New York City-based staff.

Reddit’s Million-Strong Antiwork Community Wants to Blackout Black Friday. Community mod Daisy says r/antiwork “invites us to be critical of a whole network of norms and institutions that stand in the way of a more joyful society and true self-determination.”

The Fair Fight PAC, led by Stacey Abrams, just wiped out $212 million of medical debt owed by 108,000 people in the states of Georgia, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

NYC’s Department of Transportation has removed the Donald Trump “Adopt A Highway” sign on the Hudson Parkway, which has been repaired many times due to vandalism and has been the focus of a petition for removal for quite a while. Apparently its contract expired on Nov 7th and will not be renewed.

Luxury Swiss watchmaker F.P. Journe is moving from Madison Ave to three floors of 55 Mercer Street, a townhouse between Grand and Broome, for $225 a square foot in rent. “The location will include a fully stocked bar and cigar lounge for its upscale patrons.”


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