Thursday Dispatch: The 5th Precinct Is Not A Lost & Found

Deliveristas in Petrosino Park
Deliveristas in Petrosino Park
Deliveristas in Petrosino Park

Did you lose a wallet around Mulberry near Columbus Park yesterday? If it was a MK card holder with a Minnesota driver’s license, someone found it and turned it in to the nearby 5th Precinct… which was apparently confused by the idea of being used as a lost-and-found. Huh? Anyway, if you find a wallet in our area, you’re better off either finding the owner on Facebook or LinkedIn, or bringing it to the nearest branch of whatever ATM card is in it.

Please open your calendar and see what your plans are for December 11—if they involve the East Village or the Lower East Side, we highly suggest you move them somewhere else because unfortunately the pandemic could not kill Santa Con, only force it to hibernate for a year. We’ve seen participants in Nolita before and hope our area is out of this year’s route! Would love for the CDC to track if Covid infection rates go markedly up in the suburbs and Murray Hill the week after Santa Con.

Good op-ed in City Limits by Christian Covington asking our next mayor for transparency around NYPD discipline: ‘By personally intervening in discipline decisions as the mood strikes him, Adams will not only undermine the purpose of these rules and standards, he will defeat them, making murky the clear line of accountability that is supposed to adhere between a citizen and a police officer.’

Have you tried one of the new 15 minute grocery delivery apps like JOKR and Gorillas that started proliferating around town earlier this summer? Our area doesn’t have many bodegas compared to most of the rest of the city, but we’re also comparatively higher income and more importantly, not a food desert—which is exactly why these apps are likely to be more deadly to our bodegas and those in neighborhoods like ours, like the West Village and Park Slope.

New York Yimby crunched the numbers on Q2 and Q3 2021 new Department of Buildings filings and, well, wow: “a total of 1,023 buildings, which range from skyline-altering skyscrapers to humble single-car garages. (…) Upon completion, the buildings will add a combined 19,052 residences, an impressive number even if it still falls short of the city’s dire need for new housing.”

Last but not least, don’t forget to take your anti-depressants and maybe a Vitamin D pill too cause:


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