Ask Broome Street Reader: How Do I Get To The Airport Now?


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NYC Traffic Jam
NYC Traffic Jam ? by Bryan Katz

Dear Broome Street Reader,

Uber and Lyft prices have gotten ridiculous over the last few months—$80 just to get to Park Slope, no thanks! And now it’s impossible to find yellow cabs, so what’s the best way to get to JFK and back these days, if not the train?


Hey Derek,

The train is still definitely the cheapest option by far; you can take the E from Canal or the J from Bowery/Delancey to Jamaica and transfer to the AirTrain from there, or take the A from Canal, transfer to a city bus for free and get dropped off right at Terminal 5 . Taking the E to Jackson Heights with a free transfer to a bus is also the cheapest way to get to LaGuardia!

But if you’d rather spend more in order to save some time and not have to schlep your baggage, your best option is to go old school: call a car service. Yes, Virginia, they still exist—and they’re still much cheaper than Uber, Lyft, and yellow cabs. We recommend  Good Luck Car Service (212) 219-8886 if you’re coming out of Manhattan or Arecibo Car Service (718) 783-6465 if you’re in Brooklyn; both take credit cards or cash, and you can schedule pickups ahead of time from any location. We used both for years before the ride apps became de rigger and are back to using them again!

Broome Street Reader